We believe deeply that collaboration will trump competition in this generation!

We believe that many patents will be replaced by open source opportunities for improvement on a global scale.

Disruption and change are very welcome in our lives!

As forgiving and accepting as we are on this planet including ourselves, we wish to surround ourselves with people who will challenge us to think and act with exponential disruption in mind.

We value experiences over material possessions.  On the flip side, anything that is worth having feels better when it is shared.

It is time that we as a people lean into the nourishing lives that are awaiting us in each and every moment which we are blessed enough to experience.

Changing our game and living an active model of change is enough of a reward for us!

It is important that our children know the areas in which we wish to get better:

  1. We want to be more discerning and less judgmental
  2. We want to learn more than we teach.
  3. We will replace the word “For” with “WITH” whenever possible
  4. We want to model consideration for people, planet and profit in that order.
  5. We want to model proactive healing whenever possible.
  6. We want to believe in people who are wanting to change themselves for their own better experiences of themselves, not for anyone else’s expectations!

We want to change our game with our relationship with our planet!

We are turning the recycle triangle into a square as we add the word rePURPOSE.

We are getting better at the other three sides of the environmental square along the way.  We want to REDUCE our consumption in general and reduce the packaging we purchase.