Celebration of Partnership….

Hello All,

I am writing from a deeply blissful place, having just returned from a Game Changers Moment, where we were able to come together as a community to Create PEACE, One PIECE at a Time.


We are partnering with Bridges For Runaway and Homeless Youth and I am really excited about what this means for our community and this vision!  I am excited to help youth connect with the artist inside them.  For some reason, many of the thoughts that might have the potential to weigh on us, tend to lift when we are in a creative space and Game Changers is holding the creative space for this possibility!


10442394_10202724599129783_1417885106359518212_n 10325569_10202638363933957_6273611475412935517_n ERIK-HEART--REVISED---JAN---15 10247321_10202638367014034_5705358540745472443_n


It is truly amazing to watch this unfold!

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