The Essence of the Game Changer Movement….

The Essence of the Game Changer Movement Our vision is to create a community of 1,000,000 Game Changer between the ages of 8 and 18 who are willing to change their game by trading in a violent video game that will be transformed into art, signs, furniture and eventually dresses that may be worn by performing artists as they tour […]

Game Changer Manifesto

Game Changer Movement Massively Transformative Purpose: Replace Violent Video Games with Games and Experiences that impact the real world from the Gaming Space! Introduce Graphene to youth! Disrupt and converge: Graphene, Toys, Education, Media, Consulting, Gaming, Medicine, Wellness, Corporate Social Responsibility, Environmentalism, and the Internet of Things Transform and merge: Excess capacity of gaming hours, education hours, consulting hours, 3D […]

Game Changer Movement Updates

Celebration of Partnership….

Hello All, I am writing from a deeply blissful place, having just returned from a Game Changers Moment, where we were able to come together as a community to Create PEACE, One PIECE at a Time.   We are partnering with Bridges For Runaway and Homeless Youth and I am really excited about what this means for our community and […]

Social DNA and the Power of Three….

In nature, many things work in beautiful and somewhat invisible ways. The building blocks for all the things in nature that we call “living” or “alive” start with DNA. Tiny strands of information wrapped in a growth oriented ‘upward’ spiral are responsible for making a frog, a frog, and a human, a human. When I look at pictures of DNA, […]

Hello All, Here we are; the night after daylight savings time begins.  Many of us are bracing ourselves for the morning alarm that will come an hour too early, followed by the school bus on a similarly early arrival.  Some of our kids will miss the bus, and they will ask us to drive them into school.  I got to wondering […]

Hello, Many people have said to me, “Erik, as soon as I make it in this world, I promise to start giving back to the community.” This used to sound beautiful to me. It made sense. It was the order of operations that was logical…. First make it in the world, then give back. Right? I am not so sure. […]

Wheels Up!

Here we are, the day after Easter and Passover weekend.  For some, this weekend was exactly how it has been for years.  You had the same Easter Ham dinner or the same Passover Seder, and the same people gathered around the table.  The same uncle told the same story about the football game where he caught the game winning touchdown […]

Hello All, So grateful to have been interviewed by the Ithaca Times.  Please follow this link and read the article that capture the spirit of Game Changers quite nicely!