Game Changers at Ithaca Festival!

Hello All,

Wow!  What a great start to June!  Yesterday, June 1st, the Game Changers Movement had the opportunity to Create Peace, One Piece at a Time during the Ithaca Festival!  We were able to share a table with Love Knows No Bounds who tabled on Saturday and created Summer Snowflakes out of tie-dyed coffee filters!  We followed that as we continued work on the sign language Peace sign!  Kids of all ages came to participate and their parents were in on it as well!  Several groups of children came back to add more pieces to the mosaic as the day progressed.  What felt so great to hear was that people felt that the art we are creating was beautiful on its own merit, and then when they learned that it was created from Re-Purposed Violent Video Games, it connected on a heart level and created such amazing smiles of resonance!  Some kids placed one piece and moved on, while others spent hours at the table!  The conversations were so rich, alive and connected, it felt as though there was very little separation as we created together!  I have lived in this community for a long time, and yesterday felt like the connection had reached a new level!  Game Changers seems to have its own energy and I am filled with nothing but hope and optimism about all that is, and all that is to come!

Please enjoy these pictures, as they help to share where words fall short:

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All my best, Erik

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